Atelier Pleyel

Atelier Pleyel, also the name for the ground floor at the house of Greet and Thomas, is a place for musicians to play and practise on the instruments of Thomas and Greet. This way students have a chance to discover the sound and touch of historical instruments. Students and young professional musicians can apply for giving try out concerts on these instruments.

Children and adults can take private piano lessons here without prior knowledge. For more information, do not hesitate to contact!


Van Den Hemel Grand pianoforte after Silbermann 1747 (loan)

Girikowsky Grand pianoforte 1827, (Viennese instrument) (loan)

Pleyel Grand pianoforte ‘petit patron’ 1846

Pleyel Grand piano 1890

Article debut concert with Ksenia Ovodova:


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